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It has been predicted that global investment on cloud based computing will exceed that spent on IT by over six times. It has been adopted all over the world by almost every industry including recruitment for the care sector, as developed by Novacare . But even with this knowledge, many people are unsure about what it is, and exactly cloud based recruitment software can be beneficial for their company.

So What Is Cloud Computing?

As a raincloud is comprised of thousands of droplets of rain, an Internet based cloud is an amalgamation of millions of packets, which swirl alongside other electromagnetically. The analogy changes when you factor in the unpredictability of raindrops. Packets can be given assigned destinations and be there at the speed of light. They allow for vast amounts of information in the form of data to be stored in a data centre as opposed to on the hard drive of your laptop or PC. When you need something specific your computer can access it from the data centre, and when you are done with it there is no need to keep it on your device.

The Relationship Between Software and Cloud Computing

A new type of software known as SaaS (Software as a service) has developed in conjunction with cloud computing that allows users to purchase it online as opposed to say buying a physical object such as a DVD or a book. Cloud based recruitment software as offered by Novacare is a tool that can be used by companies or individuals who want to streamline and improve upon the recruitment process. It saves time and money by reducing the cost of going though individual application forms and CVs for the relevant information and in effect reducing the cost per hire. Cloud based recruitment software can be accessed from anywhere; HR staff do not need to leave the office to find great employees. They can even access the software from home if need be. The upfront costs are less prohibitive as there is no need for expensive hardware to host the recruitment software. Generally it paid for by subscription, when you don’t need it any longer you can just unsubscribe. It is simple to use and updates automatically. There are a lot of advantages to using cloud based recruitment software such as is provided by Novacare , if you have any questions about how our recruitment software can make it easier for you to hire the right people for the job,please contact us now.

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