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Cloud based software is starting to be found in every area of business. It is predicted that by 2020 almost 70% of software will be cloud based. But how does this affect recruitment of skilled care workers? Storing information about candidates on on-premise software can have a negative impact on your company’s ability to hire and retain skilled staff. There are many benefits to changing to Novacare’s cloud based recruitment software that will allow you to attract the best talent. These include:

  1. Easily accessed software, which allows you to recruit workers from anywhere in the world at any time of day. Whether you are working outside the office or away at a conference, you can still log on to the platform from your laptop or smartphone.
  2. Manage your data in one place. Instead of storing candidates’ information on external drives or work computers, everything about a candidate can be encrypted and stored in a cloud based recruitment tool. This means you won’t lose information, can easily organise your data, and can add to it at any time. This ensures that you won’t lose highly skilled workers to other organisations.
  3. Collaborate with other members of your team by allowing them to access the information and give feedback. If you have a candidate that you think would be perfect for a position, you can let a fellow team member check out their credentials by logging in and looking at their profile. Information can be kept up to date, and colleagues can even leave notes.
  4. Reduce time spent on recruitment by automating invitations for an interview and reference requests, thus allowing your team members to be more productive. This allows staff to check when interviews are planned so that they can manage their workload.
  5. Create an audit trail that is compliant with regulatory bodies and GDPR regulations.
  6. Discover if there is anywhere that your company can make improvements and have the ability to create in depth reports just by clicking your mouse.
  7. Cloud based recruitment software is a cost effective way of working. You can plan your time better, have every bit of information to hand, instantly, and you don’t need to pay expensive fees every time there is a new upgrade. Cloud based recruitment software comes with different pricing options depending on the size and needs of your company. Any upgrades will happen automatically at no further cost to your business.
  8. The software can be customised to fit your requirements. It can be tailored to look out for the skills and experience as well as personality traits that you want from a candidate.
  9. Cloud based software is more eco-friendly, with 64% of companies who switched to cloud based software saying that it helped them lower their energy consumption and reduce waste. On-premise software runs continuously, using up energy, as well as requiring cool down procedures but cloud based systems don’t need this, which makes your business more energy efficient.

In essence Novacare’s cloud based recruitment software will allow you to attract and retain highly skilled staff looking for work in the care sector. It also allows you to work more efficiently, reduce time spent looking for candidates but still be able to place candidates in open positions. Cloud based software is no longer the technology of the future; it is the technology of today.

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